30 lumens LED Module Kit for 2 AA Mini MagLite

30 lumens LED Module Kit for 2 AA  Mini MagLite
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Product Description

Specification of Bi-Pin LED Module Kit for 2 AA Mini MagLite

Battery : 2 AA (Excepts 2 AA Lithium Battery)

Operating voltage : 1.6V ~ 3.2V

Typical working current : 0.20A/3.0V

Typical luminous Flux : 30 lumens

Luminous intensity : 700 lux with customer made reflector

Outer diameter : 15.0 mm

Metal case thickness : 2.5 mm

Bi - Pin dimension : 0.5 mm x 7.0 mm

Bi - Pin finishing : Gold plated with carbon steel

Battery run time : 20 hours continually

Reflector: Customer made for 5 mm Nichia LED

Drop test : 3 times at 1 meter high from any direction

*** We are continuing to improve the newest 2 AA Bi - Pin module Kit for Mini MagLite.

The module adopted with ultra bright Nichia 2010 version K1 LED; Performed 25 lumens luminous flux, 500 lux light output

and very long battery run time (20 hours with 2 AA alkaline). The kit set has included customer made reflector.

The specification is subjected to change and without notice.

The specification is for reference only. ***

LED Module is polarity product. If the LED does not light on, User can pull up the module, rotaets 180 degree axially, reinsert and done.